Bigbelly Compactors

Solution Details Focus   Sustainability Program   Smart Waste Management Proposed Solution   Bigbelly Solar Compactor Location   Downtown Redwood City Status   Pilot Problem Statement Waste bins can be a haven for critter-refuge, bad odor, and unwanted trash overflow that can lead to wind-blown litter through our streets. Also, Read more…

Drone Detection

Problem:  As drones rise in popularity for recreational use, there’s a growing concern of malicious use of drones particularly when flown  over public and municipal facilities. Solution Tested:  DeDrone Pilot:  Drone Detection deployed at Youth Services Center (YSC) Project Update January 2019:  The successful proof-of-concept performed at YSC earlier this Read more…

SMC Public Wifi

Problem: Despite being located in the heart of Silicon Valley, there’s a significant population of citizens who don’t have adequate access to the internet. Questions to be answered: Can the County provide internet services in areas with no connectivity? Solutions tested:  The County believes that providing high speed Internet access Read more…

Jumpstarting a Smart Region

Unlike neighboring counties such as San Francisco or Santa Clara, San Mateo County’s significant population is not contained within a single, dominant city like San Francisco or San Jose. Rather, the County of San Mateo is comprised of 22 cities, 23 school districts, and large unincorporated areas. It is home to technology-savvy public and major businesses in technology, health care, and finance, yet also includes substantial suburban and rural communities. The absence of a large leading city with deep resources and expertise places County government in a unique role to be both a technology thought leader and a regional facilitator for broad-based technology investments.


Fybr Partners with SMC Labs to turn San Mateo County into a Living Lab for Regional Innovation

Fybr is pleased to announce a partnership with SMC Labs, San Mateo County’s Smart Region Innovation Lab, to deploy cutting edge Internet of Things (IoT) technology within two of the county’s innovation zones. SMC Labs will use Fybr’s end-to-end, integrated IoT platform to pilot several use cases, including parking, irrigation management, air quality and asset management. Fybr will also partner with SMC to test new technologies and potential solutions that facilitate the resolution of complex regional issues within San Mateo County.