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Smart Waste Management

Proposed Solution  

Bigbelly Solar Compactor


Downtown Redwood City



Problem Statement

Waste bins can be a haven for critter-refuge, bad odor, and unwanted trash overflow that can lead to wind-blown litter through our streets. Also, traditionally trash disposal is reliant on set schedules for pick-up rather than need, resulting in inefficiency in staff resources. 

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Experimental Solution

A Bigbelly waste bin is a smart, solar-powered, sensor equipped waste & recycling station that communicates their real-time status to streamline waste management operations.  It contains a suite of connected waste bins that keeps waste contained with its self-compacting feature, and reports fullness status to collection crews to enable increased productivity. A cloud connected dashboard and notification function manages public space waste and provides actionable insights into ongoing operations and daily collection routine.

Bigbelly also features a messaging platform to drive important County content to our targeted audience.   The vinyl wraps and interchangeable message boards promotes County-led public service announcements, campaigns and featured content in a concentrated and visible way.

Big Belly Designs

Hypothetical Improvements

Increased Productivity
  • Promises up to 80% collection reductions with a smart waste fleet and compaction technology.
  • This results in decreased truck rolls, vehicle wear, and fuel consumption.
  • Informed decision making with data and analytics enables labor to be reallocated to more meaningful projects.
    Measurable Sustainability
    • Introduce and measure the diversion rate of a public space recycling program.
    • Bigbelly offers multiple streams at each station to encourage proper recycling.
    • Reduce carbon footprint & greenhouse gas emissions with decreased fuel usage and vehicle pollution.

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