• Parking availability for electric vehicles and disabled parking spots

    Problem #1: Drivers with disabilities may voluntarily limit their mobility to certain areas because they are not sure if they can park their car near where they need to go.

    Problem #2: Drivers with electric vehicles may leave those cars at home and drive their gasoline powered vehicles instead because they don’t know where the EV ...

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  • Localized Air Quality and Environmental Monitoring

    Problem: Air quality varies from location to location, even within blocks of each other. People who are very sensitive to air quality may be affected negatively, as they go from one area to another. The current air quality monitoring system, provided by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, was spaced too far apart to ...

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  • Real time tracking and monitoring of mobile assets

    Problem: Inability to track equipment and assets that move from location to location. This results in lost assets, as well as inability to productively deploy assets to where they are most needed in real time.

    Solution tested: Roambee Asset tracking sensors and beacons, Location monitoring dashboard

    Questions to be answered: What items need to be tracked? How ...

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  • Optimized waste collection

    Problem: Waste bins are over filling, or waste collectors are coming on days when the trash bins are still empty. This results in inefficient collection of trash and unnecessary driving (and vehicle emissions.

    Solution being tested: Waste bin sensors; Waste bin collection analytics

    Questions to be answered: Are we collecting trash at the right intervals and times? ...

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  • People and Mobility Patterns

    Problem: Urban planners have limited awareness of how pedestrians, visitors and commuters move around within a city and selected areas. This lack of understanding results in services that don’t match people’s expectations, suboptimal citizen engagement and experiences.

    Questions to be answered: How many people are visiting in a particular area? How long do they stay? How often ...

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