Problem:  As drones rise in popularity for recreational use, there’s a growing concern of malicious use of drones particularly when flown  over public and municipal facilities.

Solution Tested:  DeDrone Pilot:  Drone Detection deployed at Youth Services Center (YSC)

Project Update January 2019:  The successful proof-of-concept performed at YSC earlier this year clearly indicates that there are large numbers of drones flying around the facility. The facility itself has many open yards and fields where contraband could be dropped, and/or security staff surveilled.

While the majority of drones were flown in the areas around the facility, there were several instances where drones capable of carrying a material payload flew near or over the facility, which represents a potential security threat that the current security solutions have difficulty mitigating.

The drone detection system will be permanently installed and  provide the following benefits:

  1. Detection and classification of drones flying near or over the facility
  2. Date and time information, so repeat flyers can potentially be identified
  3. A virtual security fence around the facility. Drones outside the fence will be tallied, and drones that fly inside the fence will generate an alert and their flight path will be mapped and pilot located if possible.
  4. By knowing the flight path, the grounds can be more efficiently checked for illicit drugs, cell phones, bolt cutters or other contraband that may have been dropped
  5. The system being implemented is modular and additional capabilities, such as cameras, radar and security drones can be implemented over time
  6. The alert information can be sent via email or SMS to whomever the County wishes to receive the information
  7. The hardware support, licensing and maintenance of the solution, with the exception of the County supplied CradlePoint devices, is included. The County will receive the information, but not be responsible for the monitoring, updating or maintenance of the system.

Installation and training services (two 2-hour trainings) are included

Categories: Public Safety