Regional problems, such as mobility, environmental sustainability and quality of life, are complex and often intertwined. A collaborative and teaming approach is required to properly scope and address these complex regional issues.

SMC Labs has created an end to end approach to innovating solutions to complex regional problems. We provide a structured and repeatable platform for ideating, building and testing potential solutions using a common infrastructure and processes. We created innovation zones and sandboxes where potential solutions can be experimented with, tested and validated. We equipped these zones with a variety of connectivity options, so that technologies from various partners can be tested in a neutral and transparent manner. We partner with various subject matter experts, trusted innovation solutions and services providers to facilitate problem identification and solving. Once potential solutions are validated, they can either be scaled or advanced to the next level of action.

This integrated and inclusive approach enables cities, residents, businesses and community members to draw upon the expertise of others in a collaborative way. We eliminate the need to re-invent the wheel each time. We allow problems to be solved faster, with less risk and cost and with greater effectiveness.