SMC Labs is focused on addressing problems that affect our communities across seven areas.

Government Efficiency: How can San Mateo County and its cities govern more effectively? How can we simplify how you interact and “do business” with us? How can we do more with less, and do it more effectively? How can we serve you better?

Sustainability: How do we as a community better manage and protect our environment? What can we do to reduce pollution and improve air quality, conserve energy, and manage our water resources better?

Health and Wellness: How can we ensure the mental, physical and social care and well being of our residents? How can we help our elderly, the disabled and those who are ill better? How can we facilitate access to health services in areas that are underserved?

Mobility: What can we do to increase mobility options for our residents, employees of businesses who work in our county, and visitors? How do we make our current transit options more effective? How can we manage traffic and reduce congestion on our streets and highways?

Economic Development: How can we be more effective in driving, retaining and growing new economic development opportunities in San Mateo County and its cities? What can we to help our residents and businesses realize the new digital economy? How can we close the digital divide and bring the new digital economy opportunities to those that haven’t participated in it?

Public safety: What can we do to better protect the welfare of those who live, work, study and visit our county? How can we better plan for and respond to natural and man-made hazards and disasters? How can we better protect those who in rural areas where accessibility and resources are limited?

Quality of life: How do we equally maintain and raise the standard of living for everyone in San Mateo County and its cities? How can we better apply our resources to serve those less fortunate, in need, or homeless? How can we provide compassionate care and social justice for all?